The Issues

Re-development within our City

Some areas of our city are beginning to show their age. We must think outside the box and find ways to create incentives that will help facilitate re-development in many existing commercial and residential areas in our city, as well as re-development of vacant retail space.

Economic Development

We must find ways to bring new jobs to Peachtree City, and help our existing businesses expand. Economic  development eases the tax burden on our citizens, while 

allowing us to retain high level of services. We must also work to bring high-quality jobs to our city and create employment opportunities that attract and retain young professionals.

Quality of Life

Like every other city across Georgia, we face challenges. However, preserving Peachtree City’s small town charm while continuing to thrive are critical. We must make sure the aspects of this community that make Peachtree City such a special place to call home are protected and promoted. You expect it and deserve it.

Traffic Relief

We must be creative in finding ways to relieve traffic congestion in certain areas of Peachtree City, especially at Highway 54 and Highway 74.

Proven Experience and Leadership

Peachtree City deserves a City Council member with  a proven track record of new ideas and  innovative problem solving.  I bring that experience and leadership  to the City Council. I don’t need on the job training.  I will begin serving Peachtree City on Day One.

A servant leader

Service is my passion and my mission. I served this country for 38 years -- retiring from the Army National Guard as a Colonel. I have served this community as a volunteer, and for four years as your Mayor (2005-2009). I feel called to serve again on the city council.